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POPP Hosted Microsoft Unified Phones

Modernize and Mobilize with POPP Hosted Microsoft Metaswitch Software

The most important consideration/requirement when choosing a phone system is the software maker.

Their track record and focus on software security, interoperability, integrations, and reliability.

Thousands of companies have chosen the POPP Hosted Microsoft Unified Phone System platform because it naturally integrates with Microsoft Office software and protects their Microsoft Office software investment.

Microsoft calls the software MaX UC because it’s loaded with Unified Communication and call features. It will easily replace the phone system features you like and provides many new productivity enhancing features and configurations customized to your business.

Thinking forward, you will not find a more future-proof software because Microsoft continually innovates and updates to make the system and software more secure and simpler as time goes on. 

We believe this POPP Hosted Microsoft Unified Phone System is the last phone system you will have to buy, implement, and learn how to operate. 

It’s a phone system that will get better as it ages. 

POPP/Microsoft Unified Phone System aka Cloud, Hosted, VoIP, Voice as a Service (VaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).