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Customize the Treatment of Incoming Customer Calls

Your telephone numbers are part of your company identity and your front door to the world. 
We will help you design professional and fast call answering and routing to the employee the customer wants when they dial your company telephone number. 

Our Microsoft Unified Phone System has many incoming call feature options available in the auto attendant, call routing, and call queue configurations and settings.

We have the knowledge and experience to custom design the features to fit your unique business workflows, processes, and streamline call flows to connect customers with employees that are at the office, mobile/traveling, or working from home. 

We offer a Free Call Recording Software Trial:
Improve your incoming customer call experience by measuring your employee’s accuracy with call recording.
Management and/or employees can listen to the actual calls with customers to learn if your providing the customer experience you want. Call recording also enables employees to re-listen to completed calls to get it right. 

The phone system provides incoming call traffic data.