Porting Policy

POPP ports telephone numbers in accordance with applicable Regulatory Rules and Industry Guidelines as established by the FCC (www.fcc.gov). POPP will honor a port out request from any authorized carrier (wireline or wireless) who indicates that they have a Letter of Authorization from the end user customer. As a wireline carrier, POPP will port in numbers that are associated with rate centers in which POPP provides local exchange service.

Normal Port Out Procedures

  • An FOC or Reject will be sent back to the requesting carrier within one business day of receipt of a LSR.
  • An LOA is not a required attachment to an LSR. It is necessary to have the AGAUTH field on the LSR populated with the LOA name.
  • Changes and cancellations should be done at least 24 hours prior to the cut over date. Large changes or additions can change the due date.
  • If the new provider is not able to port the requested TN(s) on the confirmed due date, a supplementary order must be sent to change the due date.
  • POPP will reject an LSR when the LSR does not provide sufficient information to process our disconnect service order. The following are some of the reasons for a rejected order:
    • The end user name does not match that on file.
    • The service address does not match that on file.
    • Phone Numbers do not match.
    • The Authorized person on the LSR does not match the authorized person in the POPP records.
  • Please allow 24 hours for POPP to process your LSR. If it has been more than 24 hours since your LSR was submitted, please send an e-mail to clientservices@popp.com to request a status update. If it has been more than 48 hours since your LSR was submitted, please call 763-797-7900, and ask to be transferred to “Provisioning” for a status update.

Simple Port Request (SPR) Procedures

POPP adheres to the Simple Porting rules as defined in the FCC’s order 09-41 effective 2/2/2011. The FCC defines SPRs as follows:

  • Do not involve unbundled network elements
  • Involve an account only for a single line
  • Do not include complex switch translations (e.g., Centrex, ISDN, AIN services, remote call forwarding, or multiple services on the loop)
  • Do not include a reseller

Orders 09-41 and 10-85 established that a maximum of 14 fields that may be required under § 52.36 part (b) – POPP will require the following fields:

  • Ported Telephone Number
  • Account Number
  • Zip Code
  • Company Code
  • New Network Service Provider
  • Desired Due Date
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Version
  • Number Portability Direction Indicator
  • Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation
  • Requisition Type and Status
  • Activity
  • Telephone Number of Initiator
  • Agency Authority Status

The customer’s service for the requested numbers will be disconnected once the activation has been confirmed in NPAC.

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