Cloud Voice / VoIP Phone System

Our customized VoIP Phone System delivers fast and easy Single Number Reach, and protects your business by keeping business calls on business phone numbers.

Phones and softphone apps for POPP's Cloud Voice VoIP Phone System

• We are a Microsoft PBX platform host. We have owned and operated our Microsoft Metaswitch since 2006.

• Cloud technology has made the formerly unaffordable, powerful big business applications (call recording, CRM integration, call center) very affordable.

• The capital costs to implement our modern office teleworker phone system are greatly reduced.

• Enjoy predictable operating costs, and easily scale the system to fit your employee population.

• No more phone system servers or software upgrades to buy, operate, and keep up-to-date.

• Simple web-based management and administration

• Teleworker mobility and support of Bring Your Own Device practices

Subscription Prices Start Here and Go DOWN!

The prices listed below reflect 3-9 total users and no contract. If you have 10 or more users, and/or are willing to agree to a term contract, your prices will be LOWER. Contact us for details!

Softphone User


per user/month

Equipment Requirements:

Install UC apps on your computer (PC/Mac), smartphone and/or tablet (Android/iOS).

POPP MaX UC Unified Communications soft phone apps on a smartphone, tablet, and computer

Deskphone User


per user/month

Poly VVX350 IP Phone for POPP's Hosted PBX small business phone system

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Deskphone + Softphone User


per user/month

Equipment Requirements:

Lease or purchase Poly phone from POPP. Install UC apps on your computer (PC/Mac), smartphone and/or tablet (Android/iOS).

Unified Communications tools on POPP's Cloud Voice Phone System, including softphone apps and deskphone

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User Features:

  1. Direct Inward Dial Number
  2. Unlimited Local Calling
  3. Complimentary Long Distance
  4. Complimentary Teleconferencing
  5. Call Recording – On Demand (Device Dependent)
  6. User Web Portal for Customized User Experience
  7. Analytics / Call Reports

PBX Features:

  1. Voicemail
  2. Voicemail-to-Email
  3. Caller ID Name & Number
  4. Call Waiting w/ Caller ID
  5. Call Transfer
  6. 3-Way Call
  7. Call Hold
  8. Call Forward
  9. Call Park
  10. Call Pick Up
  11. Speakerphone
  12. Mute
  13. Do Not Disturb
  14. Message Waiting Indicator
  15. Speed Dial
  16. Call History (Missed, Dialed, Received)
  17. Paging
  18. Employee Directory
  19. Fax-to-Email (Inbound Only)

Unified Communications (UC) Features:

  1. UC App for Mobile Devices (Android/iOS)
  2. UC App for Computers (PC/Mac)
  3. Install UC App on up to 4 Devices
  4. UC Apps Twin with a Desk Phone
  5. Move Calls Between Devices (Call Pull, Call Switch)
  6. Instant Messaging / Chat with Teammates
  7. SMS / Text Messaging using Business Phone Number
  8. Employee Directory
  9. Contacts Sync with Outlook
  10. Integration with SalesForce, SugarCRM, MS Outlook
  11. Realtime Presence of Teammates (Idle, In Call, DND, In Meeting)
  12. Switch VoIP Calls to Cellular (On devices with cellular capabilities)

Add-ons Per User

Video Conferencing

  • Host video conference meetings from our UC app, powered by Zoom®
  • Two plans allow up to 10 or up to 100 participants

Call Recording (Always-On)

  • Call recording begins automatically and calls are saved into a searchable, secure database in the cloud
  • Includes 1 GB of cloud storage – approximately 142 hours of calls

Computer Telephony / CRM Integration

Choose from 2 Options:

  • Express: Enables Express Dialer to save time dialing outbound calls, and enables inbound caller recognition pop-ups (aka screen pops) in MS Outlook Contacts, Google Contacts, or Lotus Notes.
  • CRM: Enables Express functionality (above), plus inbound caller recognition pop-ups (aka screen pops) in over 100 supported CRMs.

Choose from 3 Options:

  • Basic Agent: Enables call center with basic agent dashboard and collection of statistics for reporting.
  • Premium Agent: Enables call center with basic agent capabilities (above), plus Configurable Agent States, Wrap-Up Timers, Call Categories, and use of Monitor/Whisper/Barge-in by Call Center Supervisor(s).
  • Supervisor (1 or more required): View supervisor dashboard and reports.

Add-ons Per System

IP Phone Options

We’ve created a promotion to help our small business neighbors become better positioned for teleworking. For a limited time, receive FREE use of a Poly VVX350 or VVX450 IP phone with every Deskphone User or Deskphone + Softphone User subscription, or Poly VVX150 or VVX250 phone with every Common Area Phone User subscription when you agree to a 60 month contract!

We offer a variety of business-grade IP phones from Poly® (formerly Polycom) and YeaLink. You may purchase phones from POPP, or you may lease the phones when you agree to a term service agreement. If you already own the phone models below, we may be able to reuse them with our service. Contact us for details.

Any IP phone below may be used with any User type above, except for the Softphone User type which does not support a traditional phone.

Poly VVX150 IP Phone for POPP Cloud Voice VoIP Service

2 Programmable Buttons

10/100 Ethernet PC Port

Lease: $1.95/month; Purchase: $89.95

Poly VVX 250 IP Phone for POPP Cloud VoIP PBX

4 Programmable Buttons

Gigabit Ethernet PC Port

Lease: $2.95/month; Purchase: $159.95

Poly VVX350 IP Phone for POPP's Hosted PBX small business phone system

6 Programmable Buttons

Gigabit Ethernet PC Port

Lease: $3.95/month; Purchase: $209.95

Poly VVX450 IP Phone on POPP's UCaaS Hosted Phone System

12 Programmable Buttons

Gigabit Ethernet PC Port

Lease: $4.95/month; Purchase: $239.95

Poly IP5000 Conference Room Phone for POPP Hosted PBX Phone System

Conference Phone – For Small/Medium Rooms

Lease: $7.95/month; Purchase: $399.95

Poly IP6000 Conference Room Phone for POPP Cloud PBX

Conference Phone – For Medium/Large Rooms

Lease: $9.95/month; Purchase: $639.95

Yealink W60P Cordless Phone for POPP Cloud Voice PBX

Cordless IP Phone

Lease: $3.95/month; Purchase: $159.95

Poly VVX450 Sidecar for IP Phone on POPP Cloud PBX Phone System

Poly Sidecar for VVX 450 (Provides 90 additional programmable buttons)

Lease: $4.95/month; Purchase: $219.95

Add-on System Accessories

Common Area Phone User


per phone/month

Poly VVX150 IP Phone for POPP Cloud Voice VoIP Service


  • Includes PBX Features, except for Voicemail and Fax-To-Email
  • Perfect for conference room, warehouse, lobby, etc.
  • Strategically located phones for facility security (tornado shelter, threat alerts, etc.)
  • Optionally include in all-call paging zone

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Analog Device User


per device/month

Equipment Requirements:

Supplied by client.

A fax machine connected to POPP analog device adaptor on Cloud PBX Phone System

Perfect for:

  • fax machines
  • credit card machines
  • point of sale machines
  • postage meters
  • and more

System Installation & Office Network VoIP Readiness

System Installation

There is a trend in the VoIP Phone System industry towards self-installation and self-service as a means of showing a low price. This can make it difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison when comparing one provider to another.

At POPP, we understand that small businesses appreciate full-service and the best value. Avoid the frustration and chaos of installing a phone system and enjoy the added-value of a low-priced installation by experienced professionals. Your business communications are too important to consider any other way.

Our phone system installation goes far beyond just plugging in phones.

We help throughout the entire process, including:


We consult with you to determine the right hardware, software and features to fit your unique needs.

VoIP Readiness

Our experts configure and install business-class equipment to ensure your LAN is ready for VoIP so your calls sound their best.


Our project managers cover every detail, from designing your call flows, to porting your phone numbers, to the training of your team.


You get free access to our team of specialists to assist with consulting, configuration changes, or adding and removing users, phones, and features.

Office Network & VoIP Readiness

If your network isn’t ready for VoIP, you’re not going to be happy with any VoIP system.

When you choose our full-service installation, we go the extra mile to ensure your office network is ready to support VoIP and is capable of providing high-quality phone calls.

We install a SonicWALL firewall as a VoIP Management Device to create a VLAN with Quality of Service (QoS).  This means you’ll have added security, and your phone calls have priority over any other data moving over your network to reduce the chances of poor audio or dropped calls.

Our managed Power over Ethernet Switches power your IP phones and devices and keep them connected at up to gigabit passthrough speeds.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee

We believe upgrading your business phone system to take advantage of modern technology should be a simple, low-risk process.

If in the first 90 days there are functional problems with your POPP phone system that we can’t solve, we will:

  • Give you 90 days to install a replacement system
  • Refund PBX/user installation charges
  • Charge only for monthly service and usage until the equipment is returned, plus and Time & Materials charges
  • Dissolve the contract and be grateful that you gave us an opportunity to have served you

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