The POPP Difference.  Twin Cities businesses have been trusting POPP Communications with their telecommunication needs for 35 years. Our pioneering, innovation and commitment have earned us thousands of loyal, happy clients.  

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One-Stop Shop for Communications Services
Shopping for communications services is complicated. We are dedicated to helping our clients understand the options, make the best choices, and get the best value.

  • Partnering with the cable and telephone companies means we are in a unique position to offer the best internet and voice connection selection. Our knowledge and experience with their offerings enables us to help you get the best value, regardless of which carrier you choose.  
  • The cable and telephone companies offerings are different. There are no apples to apples comparisons of providers, connections or bandwidth. We leverage our technical know-how and unique network capabilities to deliver configuration options that other providers don’t.

Higher Reliability Internet & VoIP Configurations
We know cloud applications are replacing on-site servers that had dual power supplies, dual hard drives, dual everything to protect productivity. Dual connection configurations are a network requirement if you are moving applications off your servers to the cloud and want to continue to protect productivity.

  • Dual connection configurations mean we promote 2 internet connections & 2 voice path configurations with automatic failover. POPP is uniquely positioned to provide this innovative approach because of our ability to provide both the cable and telephone companies’ internet connections.

Client Centered Sales, Service & Support

  • Communication networks are complicated and important. We see ourselves as your communication technologists because most businesses cannot afford a full time communication technologist.
  • Client centered means we do our best to do what’s right for our clients. POPP people, products and process are all focused on making your communication network easy to use, convenient and reliable while providing productivity enhancement and the best value. Always.